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Myths That Some Christians Hold About Others

Just as people who are not Christians sometimes have a skewed view of Christianity, there are those in the faith who perpetuate myths about other religions. Learning to identify the myths that those Christians hold about others is the first step in truly understanding one another. From there, it is much easier to learn how to live and work together in peace.

Other Religions are of the Devil

There are those Christians who feel that the only way Christianity can be right is for all other reli-gions to be wrong. Some take it one step further and declare that a literal Satan authored every religion other than Christianity. Their purpose is to lead people astray and remove them from the presence of God forever.
While it can be hard for those groups within the Christian family to understand, many of those other religions are teaching tenets that are part of the core beliefs of Christianity. For example, the Golden Rule that most Christians learn early in life is found in all the major world religions.

Other Religions Want to Destroy Christianity

There is no doubt that extremists in most faiths work hard to undermine and even destroy belief systems other than their own. Fortunately, the number of religionists who want to eliminate other faiths tend to be loud but small in numbers. In reality, there are many people who feel that their faiths require them to respect the right of all people to make their own decisions about matters of faith. That includes the ability to become a Christian if they choose.

Other Religions are Disorganized and Will Soon Crumble

A close look at many of the world’s religions reveals that there are groups within each of those faiths. Just as Christianity is divided into a number of groups and denominations, the same is true of other faiths. This does not make them confused or disorganized. It simply means there is room within those religions for people to see things a little differently.
Some of the faiths found around the world today have been around for much longer than Christi-anity. They will not be going away any time soon. Just as they have made a difference in the lives of people in the past, they will continue to do so in the years to come.