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About Devon Foster

As an Air Force brat, I had the chance to live in quite a few places. While it was always sad to leave old friends behind when my dad was transferred, it also meant the chance to meet new people and see new places. Along with learning a lot about different cultures, I also had the chance to learn first hand about religions that were very different from the one my family followed.
There is something different about sitting down and learning about a religion from someone who actually practices it. Sure, we can learn a lot from reading books, but all too often we end up trying to filter what others believe through the lens of our own beliefs. When I sat down face to face with someone following a different path, it was easier to set aside my lens and view that faith in the way that my new acquaintance did.
Even today, my interest in different religions remains strong. One of the things that makes me cringe is people making broad statements about a religion based on something they heard from a less than reliable source. All too often, people accept something as being the truth without asking any questions.
While I don’t claim to be an expert on every religion, I have been around enough to know that a good bit of what people say about different faiths is based more in misconceptions and fears than in fact. Stay with me and I’ll share some of what I’ve learned along the way. Maybe something you read here will make it a little easier to appreciate the religion that the people across the street fol-low. It may even help you find something in common.